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More on Huntington

Here's some more stuff on Huntington from earlier in the week:

-P- When two reporters confirmed he was going to be hired

-P- When it was rumored he'd be hired

-P- When it turned out he might not be hired

I don't know what to make of all the back-and-forth on this, and honestly, the inconsistencies in the way the story was reported may well have more to do with Tweedle-Dee John Perrotto and Tweedle-Dum Paul Meyer than with anything that was actually the Pirates' fault. But I can't help but wonder about Perrotto's report that the Pirates had changed their minds after word of their hire was leaked and baseball people called to say what a bad hire it was. And I can't help but wonder about why Huntington was seemingly demoted from being an assistant GM to essentially doing scouting work for the Indians.

There's a pretty good chance that none of that means anything, though, and for now, I'm cautiously optimistic. Huntington comes from one of the best - if not the best - organizations in baseball, he has backgrounds in both scouting and analysis, and I'm still willing to give Frank Coonelly some slack.