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The Pennant Chase, 28 September 2007

Yesterday's games didn't resolve anything - the Mets completely blew their seven-game divisional lead against the Phillies. Arizona, San Diego, and Colorado all won. San Diego now leads the Wild Card chase by a half game, with the loser of the NL East one half game behind and the Rockies one game behind. This should be a pretty exciting weekend.

The Mets play the Marlins tonight at 7:10, with Oliver Perez starting against Byung Hyun Kim. Cole Hamels and the Phillies, meanwhile, face Tim Redding and the Nats. The game to watch tonight, though, is Brandon Webb and the D'Backs versus Jeff Francis in Denver at 8:05.

Unlike the Phillies and Rockies, the Cubs and Brewers are slouching to the finish line - the Cubs have lost three in a row and the Brewers two, leaving Chicago with a two-game lead. Carlos Zambrano starts against Bronson Arroyo in Cincinnati at 7:10, while Greg Maddux of the Padres starts against Chris Capuano of the Brewers at 8:05.

It's pretty exciting that there are five relevant games at this late point in the season.