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Bryan Bullington to Start Wednesday

Bryan Bullington has been recalled and will start on Wednesday, the Trib reports. Bullington didn't strike out even six batters per nine at Class AAA Indianpolis - he didn't even do it in the second half, when you'd think whatever post-injury struggles he might have had would be resolved - so his chances of success in the bigs are small. Then again, the Bucs are hurting for starters, and Zach Duke proved he wasn't ready with a weak rehab appearance Saturday, so why not try Bullington?

The Bucs also recalled John Van Benschoten and Dave Davidson, which, you know - whatever. Van Benschoten was just BP fodder in the Pittsburgh rotation earlier this year, and he probably always will be. Davidson had a middling year for Class AA Altoona but got very good results in a small sample after a recent promotion to Indianapolis, so maybe there's a chance he'll sneak in some good innings at the big league level before the hitters get wise.