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Chicago Cubs vs. Pittsburgh, 7 September 2007


Rich Hill (8-7, 3.84) vs. Tom Gorzelanny (13-7, 3.57). Here's the box.

You know how rooting for the Pirates can produce a conditional sort of fandom? You know, liking this player but hating that one and wanting the bad player to flame out so badly that even the braindead front office can figure out that he needs to be replaced, or wanting the team to win but recognizing that 70 wins instead of 65 will only mean more "hope" - a.k.a. misery - for the franchise in the long term, and so on? Well, it is with an enormous amount of happiness that I declare that I am unambiguously pulling for the Pirates in this one. Dave Littlefield is gone, and this game probably has nothing to do with whether or not we get a new GM smart enough to figure out who the crappy players are. And I'd rather have the Brewers win the division than the Cubs, since Milwaukee offers a pretty good blueprint for Pittsburgh to follow. Go Pirates! That may be the first time I've ever written that here.

Anyone want to bet who's still going to be around when the smoke clears? Here are my guesses at the chances of other Pirate honchos being retained past December 31, 2007:

Farm director and interim GM Brian Graham: 75%
Manager Jim Tracy: 40%
Scouting director Ed Creech: 5%

There's a poll on Tracy inside the thread.


What are the chances of Jim Tracy keeping his job until December 31?

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