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A Few Links

-P- This made me laugh.

-P- Pat guesses what the Littlefield firing might mean.

-P- Baseball Prospectus on the firing:

im (Providence): The Pirates fired Littlefield, does it even matter?

Kevin Goldstein: It does, very much. Of the two jobs out there (PIT and HOU) and others expected (BAL, maybe), Pittsburgh is the one everyone wants...

Really? (Like Seriously?): Pittsburgh is the job everyone wants? Elaborate, please!

Kevin Goldstein: Hands off owndership, easy division, arguably the best ballpark in baseball, and a hungry fan base. You put a winner there, and you're a hero.

I'm not sure about "hands off ownership," but Goldstein's right that a competent GM would be a hero around here.

-P- There's a new Pittsburgh sports blog on the block, called Is This the Year?