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ESPN: Mike Cameron Agrees to Sign with Brewers

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Centerfielder Mike Cameron has agreed to a tentative deal with the Brewers, reports.

Assuming the deal doesn't cost too much, this deal greatly improves what had been a less-than-stellar offseason for the Brewers. Cameron wasn't the terrific player he usually is last year (his defense probably slipped a little, and his offense was only a tick above average), and he'll miss the first 25 games next year after being suspended for failing a drug test. But this deal still helps the Brewers quite a lot in that they'll get to reconfigure their defense - Bill Hall can move from centerfield to third base and Ryan Braun can move from third to a corner outfield spot. Braun can't possibly do as much damage in a corner as he did at third last year, and from what I saw, Hall wasn't much of a centerfielder.

Also, this is only a one-year deal, so it may mean the Brewers can open a spot for fast-moving outfield prospect Matt LaPorta if he's ready at some point in 2009.