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Link Roundup: Pirates, Freddy Sanchez Far Apart on Salary

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-P- The Pirates and Freddy Sanchez can't agree on how much money Sanchez should make next year. The Bucs are unlikely to pursue any more than a one-year deal with Sanchez, and I'm with Dtoddwin - I don't want Sanchez getting any more than a one-year deal. Sanchez is already 30 and he plays a position that doesn't tend to be kind to players as they age. I'd be fine with trading him, or taking him to arbitration again next year and letting him go after 2009.

-P- Sammy Sosa won't return to Texas because he wants a larger role than the Rangers are willing to offer him. Sosa has no defensive value, is 39 and put up an unimpressive .252/.311/.468 showing in Arlington last year. He almost certainly isn't going to get the role he wants, and so I wouldn't be surprised if he retired again like he did when he couldn't get anyone to offer him a major league contract after the 2005 season. If he retires this time, he's probably done for good.

-P- The Rockies recently signed Matt Holliday to a two-year, $23 million deal, but more importantly, they're talking to Troy Tulowitzki about a six-year deal with an option for a seventh year. That would potentially buy out two of Tulowitzki's free agent years. Depending on the money, of course, that's probably a great move, since Tulowitzki seems like a very good bet to be useful for the next seven years, and he could wind up being a perennial All-Star as well. His defense is so good that he should stick as a good starter even if his bat takes a step backward.

-P- The Rays have signed Carlos Pena to a three-year, $24 million deal. Keeping in mind that Pena was one of the best hitters in baseball last year, this seems like an oddly reasonable deal for a Scott Boras client to sign, but there you go. The Rays also ponied up $3 million-plus for Scott Kazmir, so their 2008 payroll is now almost double their 2007 payroll. Not that a $40 million payroll is any great shakes, but still, good for them.