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Neal Huntington Speaks at Piratefest

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Watch this video over at the Post-Gazette's website and explain to me how Neal Huntington's comments would've differed from Dave Littlefield's if Littlefield still had the job. Huntington repeatedly talks about how many players last year underachieved, and he talks about how "when you build around starting pitching, great things happen." He talks about how Paul Maholm and Zach Duke's problems last year amounted to a lack of "consistency." He talks about how the Pirates have a "good young core" of position players. (Despite the fact, I guess, that every single offensive starter is at least 26.) He also brags about taking "a patient route" with the 2008 Pirates, by which he means he didn't look at the team, assume they would stink, and "blow it up." (Which is odd, to me, because patience to me means doing the right thing and taking a hit in the short term, rather than pretending a team is ready to contend when it's not.)

I realize this is Piratefest, and that part of Huntington's job here is to drum up excitement about the '08 team. I also realize that not everything he says should be taken at face value. But jeez, 80% of this sounded like Littlefield minus some "with where we're at"s.

Huntington made an interesting comment in reference to how he would balance prospect development against won-loss records in the minors:

"...[W]e don't block a player's development - ever - for the sake of winning a ballgame."

But blocking Steve Pearce's development to keep a 68-win team together is A-OK, I guess.