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Link Roundup: Twins Sign Morneau, Cuddyer

-P- You've probably heard the news about the Twins committing $100 million to Justin Morneau and Mike Cuddyer. I agree with Aaron Gleeman's take: Morneau's undeserved 2006 MVP award aside, these guys are slightly above-average starters, and they were each under the Twins' control for at least two more years. So why commit to those guys when you're about to cry poor and trade away the best pitcher in baseball?

-P- If being a Pirates fan isn't depressing enough for you, you can read this epic comment thread about the Orioles and hear exactly the same stuff about a different team.

-P- Mike Lieberthal, who just turned 36, is retiring. This isn't a surprise, since he's been fading for a while now, but I'll give him props for a solid career that included a 31-homer season in 1999.

-P- This is interesting: John Perrotto reports that Neal Huntington says that one player other teams often ask about in trades is a Dominican pitcher named Samuel Vasquez, who posted good numbers as a 19-year-old for the Pirates' DSL team last year. Perrotto misspells Vasquez's name and misidentifies the country Vasquez pitched in last year, and 19-year-olds are a bit old to be prospects in the DSL, so who knows how seriously to take this report. But Vasquez may be worth keeping an eye on this summer.

In the same article, Perrotto reports that the Pirates' Class AAA affiliate could move to Buffalo after this season. That would be good news, I think - Buffalo has long drawn big crowds. Also, it's only about three and a half hours from Pittsburgh, so it'd be a pretty easy road trip.