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Mets Agree to Johan Santana Deal

...Pending a physical and an agreement on an extension. Wow. The Twins get Carlos Gomez, Phil Humber, Kevin Mulvey and Deolis Guerra.

Great deal for the Mets, who immediately become the top team in the National League without giving up top outfield prospect Fernando Martinez. The Twins got some decent prospects here, but none of them really wow me; Guerra is a very interesting young pitcher, but he's a long way from the majors. Humber's performance record has never really matched his reputation. Mulvey basically started in Class AA after being drafted out of Villanova in 2006, and he's held his own, but his low strikeout rate makes one wonder how he'll do as he moves up. Gomez is a promising prospect with good tools, but it's hard to get a great read on him because he was rushed through the minors. I assume the Twins know what they're doing here, but I bet there's considerable disappointment that they couldn't get Martinez.

Meanwhile, Santana's a great bet to finish with an ERA well below 3.00 this year - he's moving into a much worse league, he doesn't have to deal with the DH anymore, and the Mets play in a pitchers' park.

Obviously, this deal is tentative for now; who knows if Santana and the Mets will be able to work out an extension.