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Pirates In Talks With Paul Bako

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I guess if the Pirates are planning on signing Paul Bako to a minor league deal, there's nothing to really complain about, but if not... Bako's got nothing, and there's absolutely no upside there. Zero. His OPS+s the last two seasons are 28 and 42. His OPS+ for his career is 62. I know good catchers aren't exactly lining up to back up Ronny Paulino, but there's absolutely nothing to like about your team talking to Paul Bako, and it's unfortunate that the Pirates can't get someone with some upside - a J.R. House or Eric Munson type. (Probably not House specifically, but you know what I mean.) Those kinds of players are cheaply available early in the offseason, but they're all gone now.

-P- In much happier news, this terrific article in the Post-Gazette describes the changes the Pirates are making to their development program, and why it was necessary to fire Brian Graham. If all these things happen, they sound like the Pirates are going to be run like a corporation. I don't think that'll be a bad thing, and a lot of the plans outlined here sound excellent. Who knows what we'll think of them in two years, but for now I'm excited.