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Bucs Sign Elmer Dessens, Pursue Deal with Matt Capps

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-P- As piratefn7 has already noted in the diaries, the Pirates have signed pitcher Elmer Dessens to a minor-league deal. He'll have a very good chance of making the team out of Spring Training despite a horrible performance last year. Dessens will be 36 before the season starts and hasn't had a really good season in several years, but as someone who can start in a pinch, he's a potentially useful addition to the organization. I don't think I'd want him making the team out of Spring Training, though.

-P- The Bucs are also talking about a long-term deal with Matt Capps. It's hard to comment on this much until we see how much money the Pirates are willing to commit, but I'm rarely fond of long-term deals for relievers, even good ones like Capps. They're too unreliable. I'd rather they traded Capps or at least just went year-to-year with him. He's not an athletic type and he's already been worked hard. I don't want to jinx him, but I don't love his chances of being a great reliever three years from now.