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Pirates Release Franquelis Osoria

Goodbye, Franquelis. Opposing hitters will miss your sinker, your goggles, and all the homers you gave them. (Thanks to Sandlot Swashbucklers, who caught this first.)

Baseball America also reports that the Rockies have released second baseman Jayson Nix. I wouldn't mind taking a shot at him, given that the Pirates' infield situation is rather fluid and they'll probably want a backup infielder anyway. Nix flopped in a 22 game big league trial this year, but he was only 25, and he posted a .964 OPS at Class AAA Colorado Springs. Minor League Splits reports that his major-league equivalent OPS was .790. Of course there's a chance he doesn't hit at all, but I'd rather grab someone like Nix on a minor league contract and stick him on the big-league bench than sign someone like Chris Gomez, who really has no upside whatsoever.