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Brandon Moss to be Ready for Spring Training reports:

Moss traveled to Vail, Colo., late last week, expecting to undergo a microfracture procedure. An end-of-the-season MRI had revealed cartilage being separated from the bones in his left knee, and both Dr. Patrick DeMeo in Pittsburgh and Dr. Richard Steadman in Vail agreed that a microfracture procedure would be the best course of action.

Such a procedure typically requires two months of rest, followed by four to six months of rehabilitation.

On Friday, however, Steadman did a diagnostic scope on Moss' knee and reported back to the Pirates that he felt arthroscopy was the best course of action at this time. A scope involves a much smaller incision than open surgery and involves a much shorter recovery time.

Moss' previous timetable had him coming back in 4-6 months, which meant he would have had trouble getting back in time for Spring Training. This sounds like it's going to be substantially quicker. Good news.