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Free Agency: No Compensation Picks for Pirates This Year

ESPN lists this offseason's free agents, including its Type A and Type B free agents. Unsurprisingly, none of the Pirates free agents (Chris Gomez, Jason Michaels, Doug Mientkiewicz and Luis Rivas) are Type A's or Type B's, so the Pirates won't get any compensation picks in next year's draft--no surprise there. Damaso Marte will be a Type A if the Yankees don't pick up his option.

The Brewers, Diamondbacks, Yankees, Dodgers, Cubs and Angels stand to gain a lot of free picks if they offer arbitration to many of their players and those players sign with other teams. (The rich get richer, I suppose--all those teams finished above .500.) The Brewers' farm system--which is already pretty good--could be ridiculous in a couple years. Milwaukee piled up draft picks last year and they're set to do it again.