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Tigers Considering Trading for Julio Lugo

The Boston Globe reported on Sunday that Detroit is contemplating a deal with Boston to send either left-hander Nate Robertson or left-hander Dontrelle Willis to Boston for Lugo, but that some money issues would have to be resolved...

The Red Sox might have the same notions about Robertson or Willis bouncing back in 2009. Boston has been known to take chances on reclamation project pitchers, including Bartolo Colon and Wade Miller.

Dealing Lugo would allow the Red Sox to pursue Rafael Furcal or play Jed Lowrie full-time so, depending on money issues, this trade could make a lot of sense for them. In Robertson or Willis, they get to take a chance on a pitcher who's had some success in the past.

For the Tigers, this makes somewhat less sense. Lugo has been awful since being traded from the Devil Rays to the Dodgers in 2006, and he turns 33 today, so he isn't a great bet to rebound.

This is relevant to the Pirates, of course, in that it would prevent Detroit from trading for Jack Wilson. Wilson is a better player than Lugo at this point, but the cost to the Tigers would be steeper--the Pirates would want prospects.

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