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Rosenthal: Dodgers Want Jack Wilson

Via WHYGAVS, the Dodgers are still interested in Jack Wilson:

The Pirates, who are discussing Wilson with several teams, wanted Dodgers shortstop Chin-Lung Hu, outfielder Delwyn Young and a third young player, sources say.

The teams spoke as recently as Monday, according to one source, but currently are at an impasse. The Dodgers first tried to obtain Wilson in early July, when Furcal was recovering from back surgery. It was then that the Pirates expressed their initial interest in Hu.

I suppose a great deal could depend on who the third player is, but I'm a bit baffled by this. I don't dislike Hu and I'm not surprised the Pirates would want him--he is, after all, a shortstop, and a good defender at that. I just don't think he's good enough to build a deal around. He had an atrocious year at the plate, posting a .485 OPS with the Dodgers and only a .708 OPS in a great hitting environment in AAA Las Vegas. Before that, he looked a bit like Wilson, but maybe with a notch less power. This year, though, he only had one homer total. He'll be 25 at the start of next season, and while I wouldn't mind having him in the Pirates' organization, I think it's fair to wonder if he's going to blossom into an everyday player.

As for Young, I don't see what the Pirates are getting at. He's a corner outfielder who will be in his age-27 season next year. He's put up superficially good-looking seasons in the minors, but they're mostly in Las Vegas, and you need to go look at his team numbers before you get too excited about them--everybody who goes to Vegas posts a .900 OPS. Young has looked more like a AAAA player than a real prospect for a couple years now.

Again, a lot could depend on who the third player is, but unless he's someone pretty impressive, I don't get why the Pirates would want this package or why the Dodgers could refuse them. Of course, it's possible the third player was Matt Kemp or something, and Rosenthal got his information from someone from the Pirates who wanted to make the Dodgers seem irrational. In which case, well played, Pirates.