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More Details on Wilson Trade Talks

Dejan Kovacevic returns with a long story on the Pirates' offseason plans. One interesting bit:

"It could be an offseason where there is a significant change or one where almost nothing happens," [Neal Huntington] said. "Quite honestly, it has the makings of an either-or scenario, depending on what happens with other clubs and the industry."

Well, we'll see.Trade rumors involving Jack Wilson have been flying about for years, and the Pirates played a big chunk of last season without him anyway. At this point, it would be a shock if the Pirates didn't trade him.

Kovacevic also reports that some of the key free agent shortstops (Rafael Furcal and a couple others) may have to find homes before the bidding for Wilson becomes serious, so don't look for anything to happen right away. Also, Chin-Lung Hu will not be the headliner of any trade for Wilson, which is good to hear.