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Jack Wilson Says a Bunch of Incoherent Stuff

I feel bad for him.

"I always said I wanted to honor my contract and, in the negotiations we had for that, the organization [read: Dave Littlefield] had talked about building a team," Wilson said. "I wanted to make sure that, if I was giving up a couple years of free agency, I had a chance of competing. That's one of the main things that went into my signing that piece of paper, that we'd compete. Since I signed that, that hasn't happened. We've lost key players who were going to be part of that team they were talking about. They are now gone"...

He mentioned the mantra of accountability cited so often by the new management headed by team president Frank Coonelly and general manager Neal Huntington.

"The biggest thing stressed over the past year was accountability," Wilson said. "That includes everybody in the organization, as far as having accountability for themselves and in wanting to win. It's not just the players."

So... it's Neal Huntington's fault that Jack Wilson believed Dave Littlefield could assemble a competitive team. That's accountability!

...Or maybe he's talking about the ownership? In which case it's Robert Nutting's fault that Jack Wilson believed Kevin McClatchy could assemble a competitive team? Either way, I'm confused.

"Well, people still talk about Jeromy Burnitz and Joe Randa," Wilson said... "They both retired right after they were with us. They just wanted to play one more year. Look, we've got to do whatever we have to do to try to find a way to compete. I know that there are 25 players right now who would love to compete at this level for the Pittsburgh Pirates. There are eight core players who are dying to compete. There are thousands and thousands of fans of the Pittsburgh Pirates who are dying to compete. And we all need to be accountable for that."

Does anyone here translate Jackwilsonese into plain English? I don't speak the language, but I'm tempted to translate all this as "WHY HAVENT U TRADED ME YET CMON."