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Pirates Look to Sign Rocco Baldelli

The Post-Gazette reports. Depending on the terms, this could be fantastic for the Pirates. Baldelli is only 27, and he recently learned that the fatigue issues that held him back last year were misdiagnosed. When the fatigue problems were originally reported this spring, they seemed to be nebulous, and Baldelli thought he had a mitochondrial disorder. This article catalogs some of Baldelli's frustrations with the situation.

Anyway, it turns out he actually has something called channelopathy, which is  treatable. The Pirates and other teams will have to find out exactly how much Baldelli is likely to progress before deciding how to invest (which, I know, insert your joke about the Bucs' medical staff here, even though they've actually done a pretty good job recently). One would hope, though, that Baldelli would be more valuable to the Bucs than he would be to most other teams: the Pirates have a spot open in the outfield, and they're not contenders, so they can afford to be patient. Baldelli is a former top pick who has, at times, played like the top prospect he once was, so there's quite a lot of upside here.