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A New Prospects List

WTM has updated his Pirates top 20 prospects list, which I believe he originally completed in August, to include a listing for Donald Veal, as well as some new details about prospects who were already listed. You can compare WTM's list to mine, also written in August. He and I pretty much agree about the first several prospects (the Alvarez/McCutchen/Tabata top three is pretty obvious at this point, I think), so the interest in these sorts of lists is in players further down--how do you rate someone like Jamie Romak, who has obvious flaws but has skills other Pirates prospects lack? Or someone like Jim Negrych, who's so good at hitting for average and so bad at everything else? Or players like Jarek Cunningham or Nelson Periera, whose statuses are based almost entirely on small samples in rookie ball?

UPDATE: Well, what do you know. Thanks to OlStubbleBeard, who points out that Baseball Prospectus also published their top 11 Pirates prospects today. The player descriptions are subscriber-only, unfortunately, but at least you can see the list by clicking the link. Here's a peek:

The Pirates have some young players, but they don't have many good young players.

The new administration in Pittsburgh inherited a mess, but they addressed it with the most aggressive draft in franchise history. There was nowhere to go but up, and things definitely seem to be heading in that direction.

There's also an MP3 there of an interview with Kyle Stark.