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Trade Rumors: Jack Wilson to Tigers, Dodgers?

Jack Wilson has been traded to the Tigers, reports. They don't know what the Pirates get in return. (Thanks to Dan H.)

Johnnycuff points out in the comments that Frank Coonelly says this is untrue, that no trade has been consummated. Also, Wilson and his agent don't know about any trade, which is significant because Wilson has a clause in his contract that would prevent him from being traded to Detroit without his approval. The Tigers also deny the report.

It wouldn't be a shock if this happened today or soon, though. Lots of dominoes in the shortstop market are falling--Edgar Renteria appears headed to the Giants on a two-year, $18.5 million contract, while Khalil Greene may be traded to the Cardinals.

Personally, I hope Wilson doesn't go to the Tigers, if only because the Tigers just don't have many prospects I'd want the Pirates to get. If Wilson's going to the Tigers, the Pirates aren't likely to get much in return. Wilson isn't likely to draw a top prospect no matter who he's traded to, but a trade to Detroit would rule out that possibility almost completely. Hopefully, the Dodgers will swoop in with a better offer.

UPDATE 2:03 PM: Despite receiving a denial from the Tigers, (linked at the top of the post) isn't backing off its initial report and says the deal could well be announced soon. Nobody else is saying the same thing, so take that with a grain of salt for now.

UPDATE 2:15 PM: Via Johnnycuff (again) the Pirates are looking for a shortstop for Wilson. If they're planning on trading with Detroit, they've hopefully noticed that the Tigers don't have a good young shortstop to offer. The Tigers could likely offer either Danny Worth or Cale Iorg, but neither of those guys are particularly good prospects. I've heard Iorg described as the Tigers' shortstop of the future, but his performance hasn't come close to earning him that label. A lot of people like Iorg, but their reasons why are unclear to me.

UPDATE 5:17 PM: The Dodgers are still very much involved, the Associated Press reports.

UPDATE 5:21 PM: The Dodgers will try to trade for a shortstop, the LA Times reports.