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Winter Meetings, Day 1, Open Thread

The Tigers and Pirates will meet sometime early in the Winter Meetings, which begin today, to discuss a trade for Jack Wilson, the Post-Gazette reports. The same article also reports that the Pirates may be interested in signing corner-guy Kevin Millar. There was a time when Millar was a very underrated player, but now he's 37 and has little left except walks and a bit of power. In the past three seasons, his batting average has dropped from .272 to .254 to .234, and that's a warning sign for a player his age. (UPDATE: The P-G now says the Bucs aren't interested.)

Also in the Post-Gazette, Dejan Kovacevic describes the scene at the Winter Meetings.

Finally, Greg Maddux will announce his retirement today. Of course Maddux wasn't the same pitcher he was in his heyday with the Braves, but he's been quietly average-ish since about 2004, thanks in part to some favorable home parks but also to good control. I bet he could have remained about average for another year or two.