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Twins Interested in Jack Wilson, Likely to Shop Delmon Young

The two developments in the headline are almost undoubtedly separate, but the Post-Gazette did mention them in the same article.

The Twins' emergence was a surprise to some in the industry, word developing yesterday morning, but perhaps it should not have been: Everett was their shortstop part of last year, and the others they employed at the position were ineffective defensively.

As with other teams, Minnesota would expect the Pirates to pay part of Wilson's tab, but a possible return was not known. The Twins' system is deep with prospects, though, so a match on that front seems plenty doable.

One player Minnesota is shopping for a trade is Delmon Young, 23, a talented, sometimes troubled outfielder. He batted .290 with 10 home runs and 69 RBIs over 152 games last season, but Twins manager Ron Gardenhire said in a recent interview that Young will not be part of his outfield in 2009.

Getting Young in any kind of trade for Wilson would be an enormous coup. Young is "troubled," yes (he has twice been suspended for incidents with umpires, and was once benched for trotting to first on a grounder), and he isn't much on defense, but his upside is just stratospheric. He was the first overall pick in the 2003 draft, and his tools are second to none.

UPDATE: Jenifer Langosch of says the Twins will not pursue Wilson. (Thanks to Chester in the comments.)

Also, this is pretty funny.