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Mets Sign Francisco Rodriguez for 3 Years, $37 Million

ESPN reports. K-Rod's great and all, and he's only 26, and he destroyed the saves record last year, and this seems like fair market value for a top closer--Mariano Rivera's current contract pays him more, and Brad Lidge, Joe Nathan, Francisco Cordero and Billy Wagner have gotten similar amounts. (Thanks to Cot's Contracts.) But Rodriguez' strikeout rate in 2008 was his lowest since 2003, his 2008 strikeout-to-walk ratio was the worst of his career, and his 2008 fastball velocity declined for the second straight year, down to 91.9 MPH from 93.6 MPH in 2007 and 94.8 MPH in 2006. These are all warning signs. The Mets can afford risks like this, I suppose, but this may be a contract they end up regretting.