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Pirates Designate Sean Burnett for Assignment

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The Pirates have designated 2000 first round draft pick Sean Burnett for assignment. This is sad, but it's probably actually somewhat overdue. Burnett was out of options and wouldn't have made the team out of Spring Training. He had Tommy John surgery at the end of the 2004 season, so his poor performance at Class AAA in 2006 was understandable, but Burnett failed to make strides last year, either, walking more batters than he struck out. I'd say it's pretty likely that Burnett makes it through waivers.

The Pirates replaced him with infielder Ray Olmedo, who spent last year with the Blue Jays organization. Olmedo can't hit at all, but he's apparently a legitimately good defensive shortstop, so he's probably a better utility infield option than Josh Wilson, who also can't hit and is worse with the glove.