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Pirates to Let Daniel Moskos Start

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The Pirates are making Daniel Moskos a starter for now. I saw Moskos start last year for Clemson and wasn't impressed at all, and I won't expect great things from him as a starter, even in the minors. Even so, this move makes a lot of sense, and it involves sacrificing a little in the short term to potentially get more back in the future. Dave Littlefield probably never would've done this.

Making Moskos a starter may mean it takes him a little longer to get to the majors, since mastering each level is more difficult as a starter (just ask Matt Capps, who struggled in the low minors and then flew to the majors after being moved to the bullpen). And Moskos has a high-effort delivery, so the Pirates would have to watch him carefully. But I think the upside here - limited though it probably is - is worth the risk. Before last year's draft, most analysts thought he'd end up in the bullpen anyway, but who knows - maybe he'll make it as a starter.