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Community Projection: Ronny Paulino

UPDATE: The Paulino projections are now closed.

How will Ronny Paulino fare in 2008? Will his job be safe? Will he stay focused on the plate? This projection could be one of the few Bucs Dugout projections in which we're more pessimistic than ZiPS.

Here are Paulino's career numbers.

Xavier Nady is still open. Jason Bay is closed. Here are the results.

Adam LaRoche 1B .280/.351/.509 .272/.348/.492
Freddy Sanchez 2B .313/.355/.454 .298/.340/.415
Jack Wilson SS .272/.324/.392 .261/.313/.361
Jose Bautista 3B .261/.342/.433 .249/.329/.415
Jason Bay LF .278/.368/.491 .265/.361/.478

We're on the same page with ZiPS, which thinks Bay will hit 28 homers but doesn't think he's particularly going to be a star player anymore. Sad.