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Link Roundup: Yovani Gallardo Hurt

-P- Brewers starter Yovani Gallardo will have knee surgery after tearing some cartilage there. He's supposed to miss four weeks and will probably open the season on the DL. This is a big problem for the Brewers if Gallardo is out of action for too long.

-P- Via Primer, this prank that our friend Brett Myers pulled on Phillies starter Kyle Kendrick is pretty priceless. Kendrick's reaction is captured on video here.

-P- The Marlins are planning the details of a new ballpark.

-P- Moneyball catcher Jeremy Brown is retiring, which kind of marks the end of an era. Brown, you'll recall, was the guy Billy Beane's scouts mocked for having fat legs. Beane took him in the first round anyway. Brown hit decently in the minors, but not nearly well enough, and he needed three seasons to get out of Class AA. If anything, he's proof that you need to listen to your scouts. That's not his fault, though, and he did get a cup of coffee in the majors, which is more than most prospects get.