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Huntington: Littlefield's Minor League System was "Dysfunctional"


In that initial assessment of the farm system, Huntington found what he called a "disjointed" Minor League system.

"Dysfunctional is a strong word, but dysfunctional is probably the best word. It didn't work," Huntington said. "I did not feel like it was cohesive. I did not feel like people were on the same page."

Much of the article is stuff that Dejan Kovacevic has already reported for the Post-Gazette, but Huntington's choice of words in that particular quote is pretty startling. There's also some interesting stuff about player acquisition:

"We can't eliminate areas of talent, but if we're going to take that crude athlete or the one who can swing a bat, we have to understand when in a Draft it's appropriate to take a player like that and when we're going to do it."

And that -- knowing when the risk is right to draft certain players -- hasn't consistently been executed by the Pirates in the past, he said.

In addition, the budget for Latin American signing bonuses has been doubled, and the money available for signing bonuses in the amateur Draft has also significantly increased. As a result, management has said that financial limitations will no longer dictate Draft selections.