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Link Roundup: Byung Hyun Kim Reports

-P- Byung Hyun Kim reported for his physical today. We should know soon, perhaps tomorrow, who gets bumped from the 40-man to make room.

-P- The Reds have signed Josh Fogg to a one-year deal, $1 million contract. The Reds probably hope Fogg will stabilize a rotation that includes Aaron Harang, Bronson Arroyo and a bunch of question marks. You hate to see Dusty Baker get any excuse to hold back high-upside arms like Homer Bailey and Edinson Volquez. If that doesn't happen, though, this is a nice move - $1 million is dirt cheap for a starting pitcher who isn't old, doesn't get hurt, and has survived two years at Coors Field.

-P- The Diamondbacks have extended GM Josh Byrnes through 2015. Eight years! That's a long time. Byrnes is already one of the best GMs in baseball, though.