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Community Projection: Tom Gorzelanny

UPDATE: The Gorzelanny projections are now closed.

How will Tom Gorzelanny fare in 2008? Will the abuse he took last year while helping Jim Tracy try to save his job catch up with him? Or will he build on last year's strong performance? Let me know in the comments by guessing Gorzelanny's 2008 innings pitched, strikeouts, walks and ERA.

Ian Snell is still open. Ronny Paulino is closed. Here are the results.

Ronny Paulino C .260/.319/.395 .263/.321/.366
Adam LaRoche 1B .280/.351/.509 .272/.348/.492
Freddy Sanchez 2B .313/.355/.454 .298/.340/.415
Jack Wilson SS .272/.324/.392 .261/.313/.361
Jose Bautista 3B .261/.342/.433 .249/.329/.415
Jason Bay LF .278/.368/.491 .265/.361/.478
Xavier Nady RF .272/.331/.454 .259/.319/.449

ZiPS actually likes Paulino less than we do, and I even threw out Sludgeworm's humorous projection. That .363 slugging wouldn't make Paulino the NL's worst catcher - we've got Jason Kendall to kick around - but it would certainly try our patience. Dear Ryan Doumit, please stay healthy.