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Community Projection: Paul Maholm

UPDATE: The Maholm projections are now closed.

How will Paul Maholm fare in 2008? Let me know in the comments by predicting his 2008 innings pitched, strikeouts, walks, and ERA.

Tom Gorzelanny is still open. Ian Snell is closed. Here are the results.

Ronny Paulino C .260/.319/.395 .263/.321/.366
Adam LaRoche 1B .280/.351/.509 .272/.348/.492
Freddy Sanchez 2B .313/.355/.454 .298/.340/.415
Jack Wilson SS .272/.324/.392 .261/.313/.361
Jose Bautista 3B .261/.342/.433 .249/.329/.415
Jason Bay LF .278/.368/.491 .265/.361/.478
Xavier Nady RF .272/.331/.454 .259/.319/.449
Ian Snell 200 IP, 173 K, 67 BB, 3.84 ERA 191 IP, 157 K, 62 BB, 4.48 ERA

We're a lot more optimistic than ZiPS is, but you know what? Forget ZiPS! If I can't be optimistic about Ian Snell, then I don't know who I can be optimistic about. The guy has been battling uphill his whole career - he was a 26th-round draft pick, and then the Dave Littlefield administration kept talking about moving him to the bullpen because of his height. Beating a computer projection system is nothing compared to all that.

A couple of the individual community projections made it look like Snell could well win the Cy Young Award. I wouldn't go that far - at all - but if there's anyone on the Pirates roster who could take a big step forward and suddenly become one of the best players in the league, it's Snell.