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Jaret Wright Could Take Zach Duke's Job

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I missed this yesterday, but this story is interesting:

Can someone supplant Duke?

The answer would appear to be yes, so long as two things happen: Duke must show little or no sign of improvement from the past two seasons -- meaning too many hits and too few swings and misses -- and newcomer Jaret Wright must show he is healthy and effective.

Other candidates could join the mix to challenge Duke, too, but management seems to be keeping the closest eye on Wright.

So let me get this straight. This offseason, Neal Huntington said that he was happy with his five starters. Further, he admitted that his commitment to those starters was making it hard for the Pirates to sign free agent pitchers, who didn't want to come to Pittsburgh because they didn't feel they'd have a spot at a rotation job. Only it turns out that the Pirates aren't so committed to those starters, and so now the Pirates might have Jaret Wright in their rotation.

Have I got that right?