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Pirates Defeat Manatee

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Announcer: Ladies and Gentlemen, Bradenton, Florida presents another ex-TREME baseball showdown. [the gathering crowd cheers] Five-time World Series champion Pittsburgh Pirates versus eight-year-old Manatee Community College!
Pirates: Hah! You're going down, little boy!
Manatee: Yeah, prob'ly
Butters: Do you think Manatee has a chance? [the countdown begins. The chutes open and the Pirates take off. Manatee moves along alowly, sticking to the basic moves] Uh go Manatee! [The Pirates fly down the hill, banking and weaving throughout. Manatee appears a few seconds later, going down carefully]
Manatee: Fries... fries...
A skier: [The Pirates zoom past him] They've got it! The Pirates are gonna win it! [as the crowd cheers, the Pirates clear the last few hills and then go through the finish line. He comes to a stop and people gather around them]
Pirates: [raising their arms in victory] Yeah! Yeeaah! Yeah!! You lose, Banatee! [Manatee finally crosses the finish line, in the wedge position.] Yeah!
Butters: U-u-uh, Manatee, ya-you gave it your best shot, and that's all Jesus asks of you.

In all seriousness, congratulations to Nick Debacher, Garrett Gregory and Jonathan Griffin, who will all have a nice story to tell their grandkids. The Pirates won 5-0.