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Pirates Cut 12, Make Steve Pearce an Outfielder

The following players have been sent to minor league camp:

Olivo Astacio, RP
Jimmy Barthmaier, SP
Ronald Belisario, P
Adam Bernero, P
Jesse Chavez, RP
Dave Davidson, RP
Yoslan Herrera, SP
Daniel Moskos, P
Luis Munoz, P
Romulo Sanchez, RP
Miguel Perez, C
Jose Macias, UT

No huge surprises there, although you'd think Sanchez might have gotten a longer look.

Also, as vanik has already reported in the diaries, the Bucs have told Steve Pearce he will focus on playing outfield rather than first place, which is the position he played most of the time he was in the minors.

This is interesting, in that you'd think the Pirates would want Pearce to keep playing first to get him more chances at big-league playing time. It may portend a trade of either Xavier Nady or Jason Bay - otherwise, why shoehorn Pearce into one position when there's no room for him there?