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News Roundup: 3/22/08

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First, my apologies for the more sporadic updates; I'm in Morgantown working on some music and traveling around to play some shows. (If you're curious, my band FOX Japan will be in Pittsburgh at The Shadow Lounge this Thursday and at 123 Pleasant St. in Morgantown this Friday.)

Second, I have some big site news: SB Nation's sites are currently migrating to a much cooler platform, and my site should move on March 26. In addition to a much better design, there will be all kinds of new features involving comments and diaries, and eventually there will also be stats and all kinds of other good stuff. So don't be surprised if you come to the site on Tuesday and it looks pretty different.

It's a quiet day, Pirates-wise; Sports Illustrated is looking ahead to the point in the near future when Jason Bay, Xavier Nady and Jack Wilson will likely be traded. Freddy Sanchez is still having problems with his shoulder and may open the season on the DL. And John Russell likes the way Ryan Doumit is "handling pitchers." If that doesn't spell doom for Ronny Paulino, I don't know what does.