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Sean Burnett, Pirates Mow Down Yankees

8-0. You know, I look at Sean Burnett's performance this Spring and wonder whether it's the result of voodoo, or bribery, or an elaborate joke being played on the Bucs by other teams, or just more anecdotal evidence in support of the maxim that Spring Training stats don't matter, but regardless, he's been a great story. So far, Burnett has struck out eight batters in ten innings, walked only two, and allowed one run. There wasn't much reason to think he could be effective against Class AAA hitters, much less major leaguers, even before his 184 arm surgeries,  and his last two seasons were terrible. I'm about 98% sure he'd get shelled if allowed to pitch out of the Pirates' pen in the regular season. But part of me is rooting for him to make it anyway.