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Link Roundup: 3/24/08

There are several good things from off the beaten path to read today, so away we go:

-P- I've never heard of the author of this piece about the ten best things about being a Pirates fan, but he obviously is a fan of the team - this is dead-on. An excerpt:

5. Bragging about your loyalty becomes fulfilling after awhile.  Being a Pirate fan is the ultimate trump card.  People call you a fair-weather fan or a bandwagon jumper on anything, and you pulll out the "Hey, I'm a Pirates fan, so I stick with teams even when they've descended to the depths of Hades" card.  Plus, the payoff is going to be sooooo sweeeeet when they finally break through and make the playoffs in 2023.

-P- Vlad has a really good article about former Pirate prospect Alex Ramirez.

-P- The St. Louis Post-Dispatch has an article about the Pirates' streak of losing seasons. Expect to see lots, lots, lots more of these as the season progresses, unless the Bucs miraculously pull off a .500 season.