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Pirates Trying to Sign Ian Snell to Long-Term Deal

I like this idea:

The Pirates have given up on signing one of their young pitchers, closer Matt Capps, to a long-term contract, but they are about to try for another one: Ian Snell.

Multiple sources confirmed that the team contacted Snell's agent, Joe Sroba, yesterday morning to explore a multiyear agreement with its top right-handed starter who led the staff with a 3.76 ERA and 177 strikeouts while going 9-12.

A formal offer could come as soon as the next few days, and talks are expected to move quickly from there. Major League Baseball's deadline for players with three or fewer years of experience to be signed is Tuesday and, though the Pirates and Snell are free to keep talking beyond that, it could function as the timeline for negotiations.

I wouldn't worry too much about having Capps under contract, but I like the idea of signing Snell, who's more valuable in the long-term because starters pitch more often and are less flaky than relievers. Snell actually asked the Bucs about a long-term deal in January and was rejected. It seems that the Pirates have changed their minds now that it appears they can't work something out with Capps.