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Ian Snell "Jittery" in 4-1 Loss to Tigers

Ian Snell was nervous in the Pirates' 4-1 loss against Detroit today:

If Ian Snell looked a little jittery, he might have had cause.

Pitching the day after the Pirates approached him about a long-term contract, his three innings this afternoon included a run, four hits, two walks and a wild pitch in what wound up a 4-1 loss to the Detroit Tigers at McKechnie Field.

"I was rushing myself a little bit," Snell said. "I was all giddy, overanxious out there. I couldn't settle down."

Of the team approaching him about a contract, he added: "To me, it's not really about making a whole lot of money. It's about staying here and winning. That's what I want."

Sure it's not about the money, Ian. Whatever, it's okay - just get it out of the way in time for Opening Day.

Snell and Marino Salas were the only Pirates pitchers who gave up runs or walks - Sean Burnett, Matt Capps, Hector Carrasco, Josh Sharpless and Masumi Kuwata all were fine. The offense, however, other than a couple of two-hit games from Luis Rivas and Chris Gomez, did nothing. Here's the box.