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Cincinnati vs. Pittsburgh, 11 April 2008

Sorry, all - busy day yesterday. I'm also pretty busy today, but hopefully all that should finish in time for me to join this thread right after game time. I'll recap both games after this one is over.

It's a pretty interesting matchup tonight - we've got youngster Edinson Volquez facing off against Paul Maholm. Volquez dominated his first start of the year, against the Phillies. Here's the box.

Other news:

-P- Sean Burnett apparently hit 93 on a radar gun at Indianapolis. I haven't looked it up, but I don't recall him ever hitting 93, even pre-surgery.

-P- Via Primer, Nelson Figueroa starts for the Mets tonight. If his Baseball Cube Page is correct, this is the first time he's started in the big leagues since he was with the Bucs in 2004. His story since then is pretty interesting, though also pretty typical - he had arm surgery in 2004 and has spent his time since then doing anything to get another shot in the big leagues, pitching in Mexico, Taiwan and the Dominican. This is a good article, and a good story - Figueroa was born in Brooklyn and grew up rooting for the Mets, so this has to be an emotional time for him.