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Cincinnati vs. Pittsburgh, 12 April 2008

It's Bronson Arroyo and Ian Snell at PNC at 7:05. This one's on FOX Sports. Here's the box - Doug Mientkiewicz starts at third!

A couple links while you wait:

-P- Paul Bako is currently the Reds' starting catcher. His OPS+s the last four years: 47, 78, 28, and 42. As a Pirates fan, I commend the Reds for giving Bako playing time. I'm not saying this explains everything about last night's game, but if you start Bako and Norris Hopper, you have to expect that you'll have some games where you don't score any runs.

-P- Lou Piniella says he may remove Rich Hill from the Cubs' rotation. He says this after two starts! In which Hill allowed only five total runs in nine innings! As a Pirates fan, I would enthusiastically endorse this move, too.