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Introducing... the Worst GM Poll!

Some of you may remember Dodger Math's hilariously nasty Worst GM Poll from 2006, in which Dave Littlefield flattened the competition and took home the trophy.

Well, Littlefield has since moved on to littler and worse things, and so have several other top contenders from that poll. Immediately after Littlefield was fired, I contacted Andrew from Dodger Math, who now helps run the SBN Dodgers blog True Blue LA. Neither I nor others at SB Nation could get an email through to him, though, so I had to put the idea on hold. Tonight, however, Andrew showed up in the game thread here at Bucs Dugout, so I was able to get his permission. Cheers to him, and please visit Andrew's blog.

Here's how this will work. I have taken the liberty of selecting twelve GMs to participate in the contest, and organizing them into seeds. I don't actually think all of them are bad, but I want y'all to have a lot of choices. Those twelve or so will compete against each other, tournament-style, until we have a winner.

I will begin by listing the ones I didn't select, and why. If you think you can make a case that any of these 18 GMs are among, say, the five worst in baseball, make it in the comments. If you can make a particularly funny or insightful case, or if there's lots of popular support for someone, I'll consider adding them to the tournament.

Here are the non-contenders:


Frank Wren Braves Not enough info
Pat Gillick Phillies Good track record
Jim Bowden Nationals Great work last two years
Michael Hill Marlins Not enough info
Doug Melvin Brewers Good track record
John Mozeliak Cardinals Not enough info
Neal Huntington Pirates Not enough info
Josh Byrnes D'Backs Promising so far
Andy MacPhail Orioles Promising so far; not sure who's really in charge here
Brian Cashman Yankees Despite budget, tough to argue success
Theo Epstein Red Sox Great track record
Andrew Friedman Rays Promising so far
Mark Shapiro Indians Great track record
Bill Smith Twins Not enough info
Dave Dombrowski Tigers Very good track record
Dayton Moore Royals Promising so far
Tony Reagins Angels Not enough info
Billy Beane A's Great track record

Let me know what you think, and let the mean-spirited fun begin! This should be even more fun now that our guy isn't involved. I'll reveal the seeds tomorrow.