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Pirates 6, Dodgers 4

Dodgers announcer Vin Scully offered a withering (and dead-on) assessment of Zach Duke's performance tonight that may as well describe the whole problem with Duke's career right now:

"You know, it is hard to pitch in the big leagues, but it is especially hard if you don't strike anybody out."

So true. Oh, and the other problem with Duke tonight is that he was left out there too long. He was pretty clearly laboring in the sixth inning, but John Russell left him out there and he allowed two runs. He'd only allowed two before that, but he wasn't pitching well.

But whatever, man! Whatever! Usually, the trick with facing the Dodgers is that you have to get a lead on them early; if you don't, they send Jonathan Broxton and Takashi Saito out there and you don't have much of a chance anymore.

Well, Nate McLouth does not listen to your conventional wisdom! Nate is wisdom! He is Nate the Great! McLouth continued the absurd start to his season by hitting a game-winning, three-run homer.

Nate is Chuck Norris! No, Nate owns Chuck Norris! Nate keeps little Chuck Norrises lined up in his medicine cabinet and his spice rack! Nate uses Chuck Norris' intestines as toothpicks!