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Dodgers 11, Pirates 2

This one was ugly. Dodgers starter Hong-Chih Kuo was, at least, interesting, walking in a run before striking out a bunch of batters and flashing great stuff (for a lefty), before being pulled after four innings. More than anything else, though, this game was just another data point in support of the arguments that Matt Morris and Evan Meek just aren't going to get it done. Morris got pelted; his velocity was nonexistent, and Dodger hitters simply took advantage of him. Then Phil Dumatrait came on in relief and promptly gave up a homer to Jeff Kent. Then, with the game out of reach, it was Meek's turn. He gave up three runs, two earned. Among the four hits he allowed in two innings were a homer by Russell Martin and a rocket off the bat of Blake DeWitt. DeWitt is a guy who should be at AA but has been forced into big-league action by injuries; that Meek couldn't get him out may or may not mean anything.

Oh, and Chris Gomez, Ronny Paulino and Luis Rivas all started. Gomez started at first. Yes, Kuo is a lefty, and yes, Adam LaRoche is still getting over the flu, but still, this was like one of Lloyd McClendon's Sunday lineups gone horribly wrong. No wonder most people cut out of this one early.