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Dodgers 8, Pirates 1

This was a bad game, but not as bad as the score makes it look. Most of the damage done against Paul Maholm took the form of paper-cut singles, plus some fielding gaffes for good measure; the Dodgers didn't actually hit him that hard. That John Russell let Maholm pitched five innings even after Maholm gave up six runs in the first two says a lot, I think, and not just about Russell's tendency to leave his starters out there for a really long time.

That's not to say this was a good game - Jose Bautista missed a tag during a rundown, Maholm got called for a wild pitch on a ball that literally bounced off the middle of Ronny Paulino's glove, and Xavier Nady ignored third-base coach Tony Beasley's signal to stop (maybe not a terrible decision, given Beasley's performance so far this year),  then got thrown out handily after he ran home at last than full speed. And the offense obviously didn't do anything. But it certainly wasn't the debacle that, say, Tuesday night's game was.