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Cubs 13, Pirates 1

Not much to like about this one, other than Nate McLouth extending his hitting streak to 17 games. Tom Gorzelanny looked terrible, possessing neither stuff nor location, and the Pirates were down by a million runs in the first third of the game. From there, things just got worse, which will happen when the back end of the roster is as bad as the Pirates'. Tyler Yates and Evan Meek all pitched badly once Gorzelanny left the game. The pitching staff allowed ten walks, including four each by Gorzelanny and Yates. At one point, I wondered why Yates was out there instead of Meek (who hadn't pitched yet), and then it occurred to me that maybe that was Meek pitching, and he was just wearing Yates' uniform for some reason.

Oh, and the defense again was pretty wretched - Ryan Doumit made a very poor throw to third.