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Giants Dump Rajai Davis

...but can still confidently claim that they won the Matt Morris trade. Davis was designated for assignment after starting the year 1-for-18. 

By the way, the Giants are a mess. The reason they DFAed Davis is because they wanted to call up Emmanuel Burriss, who's currently hitting .258/.281/.306 at Class AAA Fresno. The reason they're bothering to call up Burriss, who probably should be down in Class A (after completely bombing in a tryout in the Class A+ Cal League last year), is because their current big league shortstop, Brian Bocock, is hitting .163/.293/.184. Of course, Bocock himself played at Class A last year and didn't hit well there. These guys are probably worse than Luis Rivas - by a lot. Oh, and the Giants' third baseman is Jose Castillo, and the second baseman who has played the most is Eugenio Velez, who spent last year not hitting particularly well at Class AA Connecticut. And their first baseman is Rich Aurilia, who's currently hitting .191/.274/.191. The Giants' infield has been almost as bad as the Pirates' this year, and that's saying a lot.

And unlike the Pirates' infielders, the Giants' aren't particularly likely to bounce back much. The Pirates can reasonably expect that when it's all said and done, Adam LaRoche and Freddy Sanchez and Jack Wilson will pull through and do something. The Giants' best infielders are either Class AAA journeymen or guys who should consider retiring. Bocock is even worse, and it's stunning that he would ever wind up a major-league starting shortstop, even for a couple weeks - he's just an organizational guy who isn't a prospect and shouldn't even be as high as Class AA. His defense is very good, but it's not possible to play defense well enough to hit as poorly as he does and probably always will. The Giants' reliance on Bocock would be like the Pirates calling up Jose Luis de los Santos or something, and if you don't know who I'm talking about, well, that's my point. The Giants could probably do almost as well if they picked a minor league free agent at random. It's pretty amazing how poorly that team is constructed.