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Cubs 13, Pirates 6

Another ugly game, and believe it or not, Evan Meek didn't allow any of those thirteen runs. Luis Rivas didn't play in this one, either, so our usual whipping boys aren't to blame.

Instead, Zach Duke got bombed, then Franquelis Osoria relieved him in the fifth and got bombed even worse, and then Damaso Marte came in for an inning and got bombed too. Duke had no strikeouts, which means that in three of his four starts he has had either one strikeout or none. Marte now has nine earned runs on the year; last year, he had 12 in the whole season. The Bucs now have six pitchers with ERAs over five, and two with ERAs over 10. 

Oh, and there's this:

Adam LaRoche, April 2007: .133/.255/.265
Adam LaRoche, April 2008: .132/.220/.208

Adam LaRoche: even worse this year

In happier news, Nate McLouth kept his hit streak going and Ryan Doumit had two homers. That's about it.